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About us

MESH primarily runs out of THINQTANQ and we’re organised as a Community Interest Company.

We’re a Communiversity which exists to give everyone access to information and experts to enable them to learn new skills for the future. As well as being an incubator for awesome projects that make Plymouth better.

MESH gives back to the community in 2 important ways:

  • Using local experts to provide workshops.
  • Making events affordable.

As much as we can, we also help in these ways:

  • Providing a welcoming, safe environment.
  • Marketing events appropriately.
  • Recognising the contributions of all volunteers.

The directors of MESH are Garry, Rob and Sol. For over 5 years now, we’ve been supported by a number of fantastic organisations, businesses, volunteers and advisors that have provided help, support and technical expertise.

Thanks go out to Andy, Chris H, Chris W, Elixel, Future Sync, Harriet, Ian, Kitty, Lorna, Lucy, Martin, Mike, Mrs Marvelous, Nicola, Marcus, Plymouth Art Weekender, Plymouth Workspace Week, Rachel, Tony and Women In STEM to name just a few.